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2006 is a special year for the owners and staff of Humpty Dumpty pre-school and after-school centre as they celebrate 32 years of cherishing and educating the children of Boksburg. The brightly painted walls of the School have been a beacon drawing families over three decades to the and crèche that was the first in operation in the South of Boksburg.

First started in 1974 by Hulene Barske, this business was the first building established in the area. She recalls that the school was just surrounded by grass and veld in those days. The Barskes bought the land from Mr. Cullum and erected the buildings to house the children and staff. The opening month was a very wet one with the pressure from the community to open , the school without surrounding walls filled to capacity and with a very brave ‘sink or swim’ attitude.

As a testament to the family atmosphere of the School Annatjie Bekker who started in 1974, is still a staff member. Her daughter Flossie Gillmer, a baby at the time, is currently employed as the Grade 0/00 Afrikaans educator.

The school that started with two teachers and a care giver has grown to 9 teachers, 2 care givers, 2 afternoon assistants and an Administrative manageress. The cleaning staff comprises of 6 ladies and 4 maintenance men.

As the business grew additional land was purchased next door for expansion. A second stand was purchased to provide extra playground facilities to ensure that the children have sufficient space to develop and extend their gross motor skills.


As the business is company owned and family run. The emphasis is placed on attention to detail, going the extra mile and providing a loving environment for the children that attend the school. Shelley Barske the principal of Humpty Dumpty and an experienced Junior and Senior phase teacher herself commented that “Humpty Dumpty and the children are her first priority.”

They must all get the love, care and attention that the staff have to give , while providing them with a solid and stimulating educational enviroment.

"One day at a time, this is enough Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone
And do not be troubled about the future for it has not yet come Live in the present and make it beautiful
Then it will be worth remembering."

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